"Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl" is
a 13-episode anime series
about the relationship between
a precocious 8th grader, Jiyu
Nanohana, and her father, Sai.
After the death of his wife,
Sai tries to strengthen the
relationship between him and
Jiyu. However, it turns out
that Jiyu is the successor to
the legendary swordsman, Yagyu
Jubei and transforms into a
ninja when she puts on a
heart-shaped eye-patch and
bears the responsibility of
ending a 300 year-old grudge.
As she tries to comes to term
with her role, she also has to
deal with what teenage girl
has to deal with, other guys.
Being well-developed for her
age, everyone goes crazy over
her looks and results in very
funny situations.
While the plot to Jubei-chan
is somewhat simple, I enjoyed
it. The story paces well and
is well written from start to
finish with just the right
amount of seriousness and

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