Episode 11: At the Beginning of Summer Vacation

It is the end of the first year in high school and everyone is preparing for summer.

Him and HerArima is walking around school when he meets Yukino and her new friends. Upon seeing Arima, Tsubasa snuggles up to Yukino just to irritate him. Arima then reiterates his past semester and how he met up with Yukino and how he and she both changed.

Get a tan!Arima and Yukino are now alone talking. Arima asks what Yukino will be doing for summer break. She replies saying that she will just be hanging with her family because they are not too well off. She plans to go visit her grandparents, to play with her siblings and to hang out with her new friends. She even mentions that she might want a tan and be "cool." She then asks Arima what he'll be doing.

It's okayArima says he doesn't know and proceeds to tell her about a big Kendo match in August and because of that, he has to practice a lot. He will be at a training camp for the summer and probably won't see Yukino for a while. He apologizes for not telling her earlier. But she mentions that it's alright, although she is a bit saddened by the news. She asks where the tournament will be so she can watch, but it's in Kyoto and that's a bit too far for her travel. Arima then goes into a soliloquy about how special she is to him and vice versa.

2nd hugA few days later, Arima says goodbye to Yukino. However, he has one last request. He asks her if he can give her a hug, a real hug. He mentions that the first time they hugged was when they were in an awkward situation. He wants to know how it feels to hold the one he loves. She agrees and they embrace. While they're embracing, Yukino thinks how wonderful it feels. After the hug, she mentions that they should have done it more often because it feels so good. Arima promises to give her more when he comes back.

Burly AsabaA bit later, Asaba appears and gives Arima a thousand paper cranes for good luck. Upon inquiry, he confesses that he made them all by himself. He then tells Arima that while he's gone, he'll protect Yukino. In fact, he is already planning on going swimming with Yukino. Yukino says that he's just going to be a chaperon for her sisters. Arima isn't happy with this news. Asaba then proceeds to show off his body, which further annoys Arima. However, he becomes rational again and is glad to leave for the summer and become a man for Yukino.

Intermission (Act 11.5)

IntroductionsYukino is meeting up with her new friends. However she has brought Maho along and Tsubaki doesn't like it. Being the belligerent one, Tsubaki ruffs up Maho up a bit before Yukino breaks them up. She tells Tsubaki that all of them should include her as one of their friends. After some initial complains, Tsubaki agrees. Maho is now part of the group.

Kawaii!Yukino then starts thinking about Arima leaving and decides that since he is gone, she will make the best of the time they are apart. Meanwhile, the other two friends, Rika and Aya, tell Yukino that she can call them on a first name basis. Aya then lights up a cigarette and Yukino unleashes her fury on her for smoking. Meanwhile, Tsubasa is late. But just as Tsubaki is mentioning it, Tsubasa arrives. Yukino exclaims that she is extremely cute and wants to take her shopping as if she were a doll.

KaraokeThey go do karaoke. Afterwards, they use Tsubasa's interest in Totoro and play a joke on her. They then go to the ice cream shop. Because Tsubasa's so cute, they all want to feed her. After having one too many spoons in her mouth, he goes crazy.

Chasing AmbitionsThey then talk about their past. IT turns out that Tsubaki and Tsubasa were friends since kindergarten. Tsubaki was the popular one, Tsubasa was the recluse, but they managed to become friends. As for Rika and Aya, they've been together since they were toddlers. Aya is can be considered the evil half of the relationship. However, Aya has developed very good writing abilities, however, she does not like to be complimented. Tsubaki and Aya became friends in Jr. High. It turns out that Aya is a professional writer and Yukino is very impressed. Aya is planning on writing a novel this summer. Finally, Yukino admits that she is jealous of everyone's ambitions since she doesn't feel like she has any.

Like a leechAs they are about to finish the day, Tsubasa latches on to Yukino. Tsubasa wants to hang out some more. Tsubaki warns Yukino that once Tsubasa hooks up with someone, she never lets go. Tsubaki, Aya and Rika leave. However, when Maho wants to leave, Yukino grabs her and makes her stay. Tsubaki, Aya and Rika start wondering why Tsubasa doesn't want to home.

At YOUR placeYukino is conversing with Maho about how she has been wasting her life studying when everyone else is going after their interests. Maho reminds her that she is not alone. They go to the locker to pick up her bag, but it's a huge duffel bag. Tsubasa then tells Maho and Yukino that she is running away because she doesn't approve of her dad's new love. Tsubasa then tells Yukino that she is going to stay at her place.