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Hinastar, a Love Hina site

Welcome to, a fan-made site for Love Hina. If you haven't noticed already, this site is fully theme-able, in that you can use any of my previously designed layouts to suit your viewing needs (just click the theme gallery link on top!). Everything on this site was either written by me, made by me, or collected by me. I probably own way too many Love Hina media stuff, but that's because I believe it's one of the best series ever made. And since I have so much "stuff," much of what you see on this site will be taken from primary sources, so hopefully it'll be unique and accurate!

Let's see, there are brief summaries of the episodes, lists of all the Love Hina (and Love Hina Again, the OVA) music CDs, DVDs (that I have), brief biographies of the Love Hina characters, tidbits written by me, as well as the Love Hina song lyrics and translations for all the vocal songs from Love Hina. There are also goodies, and as usual, the standard links and site information pages, as well as the guestbook (please sign!).

So without much ado, take a look around. You can always email me if you have any questions, ne?

Hina* no Nakama

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5/6/2003: US Manga Volume #10
5/25/2003: Love Hina Gorgeous PS2 Game
6/10/2003: US Manga Volume #11
7/8/2003: US Manga Volume #12

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Like the others, here's another Angel theme. This time, it's with Shinobu. No Winamp skin for now.